Radio Caroline

by Moe Shinola

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Made in 2005-06 on home PC using Cakewalk Sonar 3 Producer Edition, using an M-Audio Delta 44 interface, AudioTechnica Midnight Blues mic, Takamine acoustic guitar, Fender Squier Mini electric, Linplug RM III drum sampler & ProSamples Real Drum Kits, Maz V-Sampler(acoustic bass), and many software plugins, the most important being Buzzroom's Buzzmaxi 3 limiter and the Sonitus Reverb.


released December 31, 2006

Written, performed & produced by Moe.

Album art by Dr. Buddha VonStrangehate.



all rights reserved


Moe Shinola Kansas City, Missouri

Denizen of midtown Kansas City, Missouri. Guitarist, singer-songwriter, home recordist, member of the Potlickers(Old-timey fiddle, classic rock covers, originals).
University of Missouri-Kansas City graduate, cancer survivor, coffee-lover, aspiring poet, arts & culture follower, podcaster.
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Track Name: Hey Supervisor

Hey, supervisor
who went and put the Huns
in charge of the Parthenon?
Hey, supervisor
who decided that the decent
folk'd have to be movin' on?
And, you know, it's suprisin'
how comfortable you look
when all the morale here's gone

And, hey, didn't that woman
warn last month
about that guy and his temper?
And, hey look, there he goes again,
foamin' at the mouth
like he's got distemper,
and, hey look,
every blue suit in
this place lined up
to beg that woman's
forgiveness and whimper,
and tell me,
how many more pretty young things
out on midsummer-night flings'll
have to get mugged
or scared out their hide
'cuz we got no light outside,
and tell me,
will it take findin'
somebody dead to put
some sense into your head

Hey, supervisor
who went and put the Huns
in charge of the Parthenon?
Hey, supervisor
who decided that the decent
folk'd have to be movin' on?
And, you know, it's suprisin'
how comfortable you look
when all the morale here's gone

So, tell me, how did you
get that title, man?
Whose head did you
put in the boss's hand?
Hass'lin folks til
they've had enough,
rattin' folks out
and settin' folks up,
and when I see that
little red light glowin'
I don't stop, I
just keep on goin',
and you can keep that
executive washroom key,
I don't want that
damn thing dirtyin' me
'cuz I know, I know
what it takes to get
ahead around here,
the more notches in
your belt the nicer
the pin you wear

Hey, supervisor
who went and put the Huns
in charge of the Parthenon?
Hey, supervisor
who decided that the decent
folk'd have to be movin' on?
And, you know, it's suprisin'
how comfortable you look
when all the morale here's gone,
yeah, you know, it's suprisin'
how comfortable you look
when all the morale here's gone
Track Name: All Nice and Legal

Let's all salute,
we're gonna bring on the law,
we're gonna lick up the law,
we're gonna choke on the law,

Because, you know,
we're want security now,
we're gonna show those bums how,
we wanna see their ass bow,

So, go ahead and kill me neighbor,
put those dissidents to some forced labor,
just hang 'em all,
and let God sort out
who's innocent, who evil,
long as it's dona all nice and legal

Hey, stop right there
I wanna see your hall pass,
and stick a chip in your ass,
and break your knees if you sass,

And don't go on about your privacy rights,
I got your mouth in my sights
and my police doggie bites,

So, go ahead and kill my neighbor,
just be sure to miss me
when you seing that sabre,
I'll name some names
and make those bloodhounds more agreeable
long as it's done all nice and legal

Now, don't remind me
how we once had backbone,
I gotta get my cellphone
and we're all in this alone,

You know, us winners
all are kissin' that ring,
we don't respect a damn thing
if it don't whisper "ka-CHING"

So don't start in about my neighbor,
how d'ya think my friends & me
hit paydirt?
We turned him in and got
his land, his house and wheels,
everything done all nice and legal,
'cuz the man, he said all's fair
if it's nice and legal
Track Name: Patriot Ax

What you think you're doin?
Dont you know your place?
Don't let that company informer
see your face
Cuz he'll give that local
human resource representative
your name
And then you're gonna find out
everbody's playin' a brand new game

You'll get that patriot ax,
that presidential pinkslip required,
Your friendly neighborhood policeman
make damn sure you're fired,

Well, they'll terminate your birthright,
you ain't no citizen no more,
won't be no place for you
but through that concentration camp door

Don't you understand folks,
a new CEO's in town,
and all those department heads
we picked are bowin' down,
'cuz they've traded off
your Bill of Rights for
Jesus, jackboots and junk bonds
and your fellow stockholders
bought their "peace and safety" cons

So watch that patriot ax,
that presidential pinkslip unleashed,
grantin' every local, moral,
upright fascist wanna-be's wish
Don't get yourself accused
of conduct unbecoming a tool,
'cuz everone is subject to suspicion
who's not a damn fool
Track Name: Wings To Cain

Ain't you gonna get yourself a piece of the action,
pointin' them cameras in the other direction,
Suckin, that money and glory,
just keep pushin' that official story,

And Abel's blood is calling all
avenging ears in vain,
you little birds ain't tellin'
'cuz you sold your wings to Cain

So tell me how does it feel, now,
to be the ministry of spiel, now,
joinin' that royal class, now,
so the chumps can look up at your ass, now,

And don't it feel so good
to finally get your due,
us commoners are all so quick
to clear that line for you

That heady rush, all that glitz,
you've always wanted this,
lord, how can we blame ya,
for lettin' that rider tame ya

Lookin' out from your Caddy,
streets are lookin' pretty ratty,
what about where you came from,
since you started gettin' you some,
but, to speak the truth to power
don't interest you today
but you ain't one of us folks
no more, anyway

But i'll bet you smile so big
when Master pets your head,
run, tell all the other doggies,
turn their faces red
Track Name: Battered Wives and Girlfriends

Oh, don't you worry none
about last night's commotion,
me and the kids are doin' fine,
oh that? it's nothin',
I fell down the stairs
I'm clumsy like that all the time
Oh, was he here?
oh did he ask where I was?
He's always wonderin'
where I've been
I have to watch it
when I talk on the phone,
I never hear him listening

My native country's full of
battered wives and girlfriends
we're told we're helpless,
what we need is a strong hand
here, take our names
here, take our voice
here, take our freedoms,
'cuz we're just too dumb
too use 'em ourselves
yeah, we're too dumb
to make decision ourselves

He says I never try
and see how he feels
workin' so hard every day,
and he don't mean no harm,
he just lost his head,
I shouldn't have talked back anyway
and when he helps me
wipe the blood off my face
his apology's so sweet,
he always promises
to change from now on,
he go and buy the kids a treat

My native country's full of
battered wives and girlfriends,
"Oh, but I love him,
how could I go on without him?"
And, besides, you know
there's no place we could hide
and there's no way
we could defend ourselves,
yeah, we're too little
to stick up for ourselves

Oh, yes, it's true,
you know, I don't get out much,
I never know when he might show
and if I'm not here
cookin', cleanin' and such,
he'll do things you don't wanna know
and I don't have to
send the kids to their room,
they've learned by now to shut the door
I hope they don't end up
like me when they're old,
just lookin' down and takin' more

My native country's full of
battered wives and girlfriends,
we let the violence escalate,
wake up, it won't end,
no one will help us,
everyone, we're on our own
and we'll just have to fix
this country ourselves,
yeah, we'll just have to
save this country ourselves,
or we'll have no one to blame
but ourselves
Track Name: Let's Go Play Soldier

Now, Dan and Tom and Sam'll
get a picture on a camel
while Uncle Sam debriefs
them there in bed
They'll tell the truth
you're cleared for,
and dry poor momma's tears
for all her boys and girls
who come home dead

Oh, goodie, it's a war
and we get to watch,
I've looked forward
to this so much,
we're gonna dance
all over somebody's country,
we're gonna spike
our football in the sand,
live from a newly
conquered land,
c'mon, cameraman,
let's go play soldier
c'mon, cameraman

Now, national pride
is crumblin'
this humblin' ain't in
keeping with the arrogance
Americans should feel
'cuz people just won't buy
if they don't think their
pie'll be as high
as all that gas
we're gonna steal

Oh, goodie, it's a war,
let's hide behind,
occupy the public's mind,
drown it all in a bottle
of Flag and Country,
why, we'll boost
consumer confidence,
it just makes advertising sense,
packaged all up with a brand,
let's go play soldier
packaged all up with a brand

Now, we got politicians prayin',
TV preachers playin'
"Onward, Christian SOldiers"
to the war,
cashin' in on fear, now,
leadin' that bloody cheer, now,
surf the crowd right
through the White House door

Oh, goodie, it's a war,
we'll hold the fort,
lead the sheep,
observe, report,
help make the world safe
for God and country,
we'll volunteer for priest and cop,
positioning ourselves on top,
a new establishment,
let's go play soldier
a new establishment
Track Name: Vengeance Is Ours

Up against that wall, mister,
this is a puritan reconquista

vengeance is ours, finally,
vengeance is ours,
and payback's gonna be hell
for you tonight

Well, you stole this land
from us somehow,
but we'll hang
you cultural outlaws, now,

vengeance is ours, finally,
vengeance is ours,
and just like a Nuremburg
judge, we'll set things right

Your crimes are plain to see
against morality,
we'll commend your souls to God,
but don't think we'll
pray too hard after
all these years just
waitin' a chance
to see you infidels rope-dance

vengeance is ours, finally,
vengeance is ours,
and America's god'll be
so proud of the sight,
when America's avengers
demonstrate their might,

because your sinner blood'll
wash our land clean and white
Track Name: Safe Environment

A safe enviromnent's
comin' to you,
we're gonna cage up America
just like the zoo
'cuz we're appointin'
ourselves your dad,
and we've got leverage
he never had,
'cuz we just passed
a law against you
look it up, follks,
it's called curfew

Well, now that we're in
the summer season,
a-don'tcha go out
with no good reason,
don't get mad,
it's just routine,
don't act like your
nose ain't clean,
and, by the way,
there's a dollar due,
yeah, you get to help
finance us, too!

Why you call us hypocrites?
No, I never went through this,
but we don't mind it if you do,
I feel safer - who asked you?
No one wants to
hear you whine,
so get on home
or get in line!

These ain't your streets, anyway,
they gave Westport to the (edit)